Authors of three books: dr Ivan Medenica, a theatrologist and a theatre critic, a professor at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, and Bitef artistic director, dr Darko Lukić, a theatrologist and a playwright, a professor at the Academy of Drama Art at the University of Zagreb, and dr Milan Mađarev, a theatrologist, a director and a drama pedagogue, teaching at the College for Pedagogues in Kikinda.

Moderated by: Irena Ristić

The opening will introduce the authors, the participants and the audience of 18th Bitef Polyphony to the concept, the topics and the events this year’s programme is focused on. The dialogue with three authors about three books initiates a common search for diverse theatre forms of openness and participation for those who create it and for its audience alike. “The Tragedy of Initiation or the Inconstant Prince” by Ivan Medenica represents a stimulus towards the reassessment of the “universal existential situation” of entering the world of adults, maturity, the right to vote, destiny of the community, and the responsibility for it. The issue of the participation of young people in the world of new theatre trends is symbolically linked to the “maturity” of Bitef Polyphony within Bitef side programmes. Introduction into Applied Theatre. To Whom Does Theatre Belong?, by Darko Lukić, raises the question of the programme concept of discovering and supporting invisible performers and invisible audience, and calling attention to participative theatre practices. Creative Drama - the Process of Creation in Škozorište by Milan Mađarev, opens the question of duration and development of innovative, creative and participative practices, from which  Bitef Polyphony evolved.

The dialogue begins with the performance INITIATION 18, inspired by the book The Tragedy of Initiation or the Inconstant Prince. The performers are: Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Jovan Zdravković, Marko Panajotović, Nikola Pavlović, Uroš Novović and Rastko Vujisić.

Author: Boris Čakširan and the performers. Music and costumes: BCH

The participants in the dialogue, drawing on their experience of theatre of participation theory and practice, are: Milena Dragičević Šešić (Faculty of Drama Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade), dr Vladimir Krušić (Croatian Centre for Drama Education HCDO), Sead Đulić (Centre for Drama Education CDO BiH), and Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić (Centre for Drama in Education and Art CEDEUM).

The end of this event is dedicated to immediate practices and an opportunity for the attendees to participate in workshops-presentations of a variety of games, exercises and scenes from Forum theatre treasury, one of the most famous forms of theatre of participation. Workshop moderators:  Aleksandra Jelić, Demir Mekić, Miroslav Nikolić and Vera Erac, with associates and friends - active forum facilitators.