Jan Fabre (Antwerp, 1958) is considered one of today’s most innovative and versatile artists in the domain of performance, theatre and visual arts. However, his ultimate mode of expression is constituted by his texts. He started experimenting with language and the border between literary texts and other art forms at a very young age. This is most clearly reflected in his Night Diaries, where he gives the reader a unique insight into the mind of a young artist.

Entrapping the night in its electrifying intensity, Jan Fabre celebrates both imagination and instinct in his Night Diaries. His ‘nightface’ and ‘moonmask’ come in many shapes and his mind is vigilant at all times in this poetic compilation of dreams, nightmares and fantasies. Fabre lures us into his universe, where he fights a battle for the ultimate beauty, and where he gathers his past to write the scenario of his future. The Night Diaries offer a unique, unvarnished look into an unconstrained artistic practice.

After the first Night Diary (1978-1984), the second Night Diary (1985-1991) is now published. Both his earliest writings and the more deliberately composed work are products of Fabre’s thinking and obsessions. Not only do they offer themes and philosophical questions that fascinate the author, they also embody the violence and indulgence of living to the fullest, and the exuberant, sometimes dim experience of pure beauty. 

A recommendation for everyone who would rather just go to sleep at night but also wants to meet the man behind the artist.

De Morgen