Bitef on Film Panel

The panel on Bitef’s oldest side programme, Bitef on Film, was held on the 26th September at 6pm, in the Festival Centre at Andrićev venac. The speakers a t the panel moderated by the theatre critic and journalist Aleksandra Glovacki, were Vesna Bogunović, art and media theoretician, art secretary and archives manager at Bitef, dr Ivana Kronja, film theoretician, and Andrea Ada Lazić, TV an theatre director, who, alongside Milivoje Miša Milivojević, directed the 24h broadcast of “Mount Olympus”.

Vera Konjović, the curator of this side programme which was a regular part of Bitef festival for 40 years, has ended it explaining why it was not possible for it continue in its previous form.

“There is not enough audience and without it there isn’t and there shouldn’t be Bitef on Film”, said Vera Konjović and pointed out that now everything is available and that the audience will rather look at their phones than at the stage.

She talked about the beginning of the programme in 1976, when it was just an addition to the festival. This programme was an idea conceived by Mira Trailović and Jovan Ćirilov, who wished to establish a link between film and theatre.

“I closed my album. Pleased, I concluded that one segment of Bitef - Bitef onFilm- has performed its mission successfully.” Vera Konjović thus pronounced one chapter of Bitef festival closed.