Bitef Poliphony opening

18th Bitef Polyphony, under the slogan „Those Strange Loops...“, was opened at noon on 25th September in Cultural Institution “Parobrod”, with interactive presentation Three-Part Inventions of Bitef Polyphony.

It introduced the authors, the participants and the audience of 18th Polyphony to the concept, topics and events which are in in focus of this year’s programme. The presentation of the three books by the three authors - Introduction into Applied Theatre. To Whom Does Theatre Belong? by Darko Lukić, The Tragedy of Initiation or the Inconstant Prince by Ivan Medenica, and Creative Drama - the Process of Creation in Škozorište by Milan Mađarev - was the initiation of a common search for various theatre forms of openness and participation; both for the performers and for the audience.

Later that day, at 5pm, in the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, the group Per.Art, Programme Art and Inclusion, from Novi Sad, performed “A Small Party of Dance Missed”. The concept of this inclusive dance performance which is between a theatre performance, happening and underground party is created by Saša Asentić.

The programme of 18th Bitef Polyphony, which lasts between 25th and 30th September, offers a range of discussions, workshops, presentations and the plays for the young, teachers, theatre artists and all those interested for contemporary theatre practices.

All the Bitef Polyphony programmes are free of charge.