Capitalism is not just a socio-political system.

Capitalism is not just an ethical system.

Capitalism is also the way we feel.

Capitalism is also the way of sensation, perception and reaction.

Capitalism is the way of dreaming and daydreaming.

Capitalism is the way of struggle against capital, profit and bourgeois crap!

Capitalism is an adder in the bosom of the proletarians!

Capitalism is a lullaby on mother’s lips!

Capitalism is a form of aesthetic pleasure and a way of entertainment promising a crazy party!

Capitalism is not boring like the doctrine of dialectical materialism.

Capitalism is a seducer promising a circus of blood, sweat and tears,

for you, only for you because you deserve it, only you,

only you, only you, only you...

Capitalism, Demonstrated in Geometrical Order uses the stage to inform the audience about the moral principles of capitalism; it is a theatre form of a hearing that capitalism is subject to. It focuses on a group of refugees from Syria and Iraq, a test group, actually, whose survival refracts some important questions of contemporary ideology and politics. The dramatic plot is based on fantasised reality in which migrants in Subotica in their struggle to survive create a capitalist company for the rat meat processing.

ZLATKO PAKOVIĆ (1968), theatre director and author, graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Theatre and Radio Directing. He has developed a specific fierce political theatre poetics, with a pronounced playful expression. The theatre for him is an inextricable whole of the aesthetic and the social act. For his play Ibsen's An Enemy of the People as Brecht's Teaching-play, he was awarded the International Ibsen Scholarship 2014, the most prestigious theatre project award in Europe. Hans-Thies Lehmann wrote of this play as a completely new way of interpreting Brecht's legacy. His most influential theatre productions are: To Kill Zoran Djindjić, Ibsen's An Enemy of the People as Brecht's Teaching-play, The Encyclopedia of the Living - an Artistic Intervention into the Realities of Serbia and Kosovo, The Philosophy of the Province - a Christmas Oratorio for Radomir Konstantinović, Othello - an Illegal Liturgy, Capitalism, Demonstrated in Geometrical Order, Don Quixote or What Are the Windmills Today and Where the Wind Comes from. He has published two novelsA Room for One Bed and Common Ashes, a collection of poems A Journal of Singing, and two books of essays The Anatomy of the Nationalistic Moral and On the Authoritarian Conscience.