It’s an interesting link between quiz as a popular media format and classical acting and storytelling which is in the core of this performance, while its untypical duration draws attention to the modern loss of time.

Ivana Kronja, film scholar


That kind of wearing out is not my favourite thing. I cannot see some particular point in all of it. I have experienced two things: I have a feeling we were actually watching each other because we stopped looking at them, and the other is thing is this thought - if everything that surrounds us is so banal, the mass media and everything else, why not watch the same banality in a more concrete form on stage? When it comes to durational performances, the same rule applies as in the marathon - it’s important to endure until the end, the result is irrelevant.

Igor Ružić, critic


It’s an interesting concept of showing life like this, through relevant and irrelevant stories, through what we think and talk about, how we communicate. I would like to see it again, from the audience, not from the point of view of an interpreter at the performance, although that too was a challenge and quite an experience.

Vladimir Marjanović, interpreter


I guess it makes me think of the nature of durational performance as such, about the connection which gets established between the performers’ energy and attention and concentration. And I’m wondering which question exactly made three people suddenly stand up and leave at the same time.

Ted Vicel, thatre director


The questions are excellent and the idea brilliant. They are brilliantly human, the fourth wall has fallen and theatre has expanded. The link between the audience and the actors was established and everything was completely spontaneous. It is obviously an experiment on the early origins of theatre, but the not so intelligent answers made it a bit boring, they could have been more fun. The answers disappointed me a bit. The performance is precious because it makes the audience think. Forced Entertainment is a famous theatre company. I am from the USA but I’ve heard quite a lot about them.

Christopher, writer

Survey conducted by Hana Selena Sokolović and Darija Vučko