Wonderful, completely pure and powerful. I am deeply moved by directing, by the energy, by the directness and the simplicity of expression which has created such intensity. The text is well-known, Biblical, and if we talk about The Bible, about The Old Testament, I think we should basically talk about the Book of Job and Song of Songs. Slightly erotic details are particularly nice, so lively, yet so pure. Another thing I find nice is the fact that actors, although not very young, speak of love in such a nice way. The Book of Job contains an intimate moment. There is nothing theatrical in presentation of one’s grief.

Zorica Bečanović Nikolić, university professor


I like the choice of biblical texts, the most problematic ones in the Bible. Book of Job is the only one in the Old Testament that contains the Satan as a character. Song of Songs is a beautiful love song. I am familiar with Lorenci’s work and I find this different than his performances I have previously seen. It fits the concept of epic theatre in terms of its duration, its choice of topics. Still, my mind did wander off occasionally. At some points it is powerful, but rather slow at times.

Robert Lenard, theatre director


For me, it was boring and non-inventive, without the energy of presentation or interpretation. It is flat and monotonous. It’s the intermission now but I don’t think that after such first part something crucial could change. We have seen many “reading” performances in the past couple of years so, yes, it’s a possible form of theatre, but this tonight is just way too static.

Predrag Brebanović university professor


My opinion cannot be completely objective because I have known this ensemble for a very long time. I have worked with some of them and I respect them a lot. I think they are one of the strongest ensembles in the region, and Lorenci one of the most relevant directors. It takes courage to embark on something new, courage to explore texts, and that is what I find fascinating. I think his approach is very accurate - simple, intimate and personal - leading to an unusual rituality between them on stage and us in the audience. It is very inspiring and it opens up an interesting theatre dialogue, and for me that’s most important.

Nikita Milivojević, theatre director


This is the first time I’ve seen Lorenci’s performance. I have seen a performance before, a smaller one, in Ljubljana, two years ago, but it’s incomparable to this one. This is an amazing attempt to make a holy theatre, a holy art. It’s very compact, very demanding. I didn’t like everything, okay, but it’s hard to like everything really. I liked the soft voices, the prayers, singing Halleluiah, Halleluiah. Most people enjoyed the second part because it was more powerful, but I preferred the first one. It’s a very interesting approach to stage the Bible. I am not sure this theatre is the right place for this performance, though. I’d like to see it on some unconventional scene, not really in the church, but in a factory, maybe. Theatre is theatre and this is a different kind of theatre.

Georges Banu


Thank you, Lorenci is the excellent choice!

Darko Čubrilo, layer and theatre organizer


It’s wonderful, divine, everyone is so present, so in the moment. The ensemble is perfect. The approach is so subtle. The material reaches and outreaches in all directions.

Jana Maričić, director


I’m impressed by the actors, by the fact that they were granted so much space. I saw “Mount Olympus” so I’m still under that impression, and this energy is totally different, different pace, it’s a totally different thing and I enjoyed the difference in a way.

Tijana Grumić


There are many things in life that come unexpectedly, and when something is unexpected even in theatre performance and yet it happens, then it’s really satisfying. I may be using common phrases to express how I feel but I really was surprized. After a slow, flat first part which resembles everyday life comes such a climax, and that really is a masterpiece. Very interesting scenes and very interesting thoughts.

Milan Antonijević, solicitor


Survey conducted by Jovan Bosić, Hana Selena Sokolović and Darija Vučko