It was very entertaining and really good.

Jacques Laroche


It was an unusual performance. I liked it very much and, since I was sitting next to the actress who played two roles, I felt a part of it too. It is weaved as an unusual, intricate story, which we don’t know where begins and where ends and by whom it is told. It creates a feeling of the entire world, entire life being an untold story. It was truly interesting.

Srđan Šaper, the founder of McCann Group


An exciting and intriguing performance played by magnificent, captivating and beautiful actresses. The text is very smart, and the performance truly intriguing.

Ljiljana Todorović, theatre director


This was different than anything we’ve seen so far. What I found interesting is the fact that the performance develops, and one keeps expecting something new until the very end. This meta-theatrical play - who is doing what in which space - that was also excellent. And the actresses are magnificent.

Luka Jovanov, student


Although I spent the first part of the performance standing on the balcony and the seond sitting on the floor, unable to see half the stage, I find it interesting, brave, and valuabe performance. Iranian context taken into consideration, this female performance is valuable not only in terms of its interesting, although simple and not too inventive form, but in terms of ideas and ideology. Everything is simple and yet filled with meta-layers, and meta-subtext, so it’s wonderful to see a performance which to this extent differs from the overall Bitef new tendencies trend, because it is possible to have new tendencies in terms of context and ideology and not only in terms of form.

Đorđe Živadinović Grgur


Survey conducted by Hana Selena Sokolović and Darija Vučko