Press accreditation is only for media representatives (print, radio and TV media, web portals, news agencies, foreign correspondents, photographers, TV crews and radio).

  • The number of press passes a media company can apply for is as following:
  • TV stations - 3 passes (a journalist, a cameraman, a member of technical staff)
  • Printed press - 2 passes (a journalist, a photographer)
  • News agencies - 2 passes (a journalist, a photographer)
  • Radio stations - 1 pass (a journalist)
  • Website - 1 pass (a journalist)
Deadline for press accreditations is 1st September 2017.   

Photos  and videos from Main Programe in a high resolution you can take HERE.



Former Eurosalona

Address: Andrićev venac 2

It is open in the period between 11th and 30th  September 2017, from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The centre hosts the festival PR and the editorial staff of the website and the blog.

All the accredited journalists and the festival guests have all the service at their disposal.


For all additional questions please contact  PR service 51Bitef17:

Sanja Ljumović

cell: +381 69 899 2444

[email protected]


Slavica Hinić

cell: +381 69 899 2416

[email protected]


Jelena Bogavac

mob: +381 69 899 2414

[email protected]